Craig Setterstrom ~ Distance Energy Dowser
Working with People Places & Pets, over 14 years.
Space Clearing Consultations
“Home, Business, or Landscape”
(May Include)
Map Dowsing / Floor Plan Overviews.
Yin / Yang Balance & Qi Flow Assessments.
Former Occupant Emotional Residue Scanning.
“Geopathic Stress” & Water Issues Dowsing.
Releasing People Stress from the Land.
Clearing Between the Space and the Occupants.
*Space clearing generally includes some personal clearing, and pet clearing.
Personal Energy Clearing Sessions
(May Include)
General Intuitive Reading & Clearing.
Physical Body Dowsing & General Aura Scanning.
Chakra Sensing & Clearing.
Dowsing relationships between People, Places, and Things.
Ancestral & Family Karma Dowsing.
Astrological Clearings.
Free “Introductory” Readings.
Personal: Intuitive Quick Scan. *Up to 5 minutes.
Space: Map Dowsing overview. *Up to 15 minutes.
*Please text or email to request your complimentary reading.
2018 Rates:
Space Clearing
(Will include some Personal and Pet Clearing.)
The occupants are generally checked to see if any of the same stress patterns in the home
are present in the people too. Clearing it in both places (when found) gives a better
chance of more fully processing an issue, and removes two sources that could re-trigger
the pattern on each side of the “space / personal relationship.”
There’s no telling how a space clearing will try to unfold. Sometimes I get strong signals
to pause the clearing process. A client or myself may seem to need rest, or sleep before
clearing the next round. So some clearings wind up being done in several small sessions
over a week or so, and then again sometimes the clearing flows out like a flood all at
once. There’s no right or wrong way.
*It’s always advised that clients prepare for clearing by making sure they stay nourished,
hydrated, and get good sleep during the length of the process.
I don’t work with people or their spaces without their interest and expressed permission!!
While having me read and clear your young kids is not a problem, adults and young
adults need to be informed and be on board with having their energy read. I do what I can
to respect peoples personal boundaries and privacy. Not to mention wanting to keep my
own karma as clean as possible.
Small (1-2) Bedroom Apartment or Small Home
(*Single or Couple)
(Average $260 up to $520)
(With notes of my impressions)
Follow-up Scan included
Single Family (3-4) Bedroom Home On Property
(*Small Family)
(Average $520 up to $780)
(With notes of my impressions)
Follow-up Scan included
Large Multi-Bedroom Home on Acreage
(*Large Family or Outbuildings)
(Average $750 up to $2000)
(With notes of my impressions)
Follow-up Scan Included
Once I’ve cleared a Home, **any future Requests are $130 / hr for the first hour,
then $65 / half hour (for the length of the session).
**After a Break Up, a Break In, an Illness, the Loss of a Loved One or Pet…
**A “Seasonal Space Clearing” addresses all the invisible issues your seasonal house and
yard clean-ups generally can’t.
Personal Energy Clearing Sessions
Personal Clearing Readings
$130 / hour.
(With notes of my impressions)
*After the first hr, $65 / half hour for the length of the session.
You absolutely may request just a one hour / session.
Pet Clearing
$65 / pet / session (30 minute sessions)
(With notes of any impressions)
Just a Quick Clearing
$45 (20 minutes of Intuitive Clearing)
(No notes taken)
There’s no getting around the fact that all that I do and say, ultimately comes down to my
opinions, based on my experiences, (what I’ve seen, heard, read, or done.) I may be an
expert at what I do, but I’m not an authority on anyone else’s ideas or opinions about
space clearing or energy work. I wish you a practitioner you feel comfortable with, as the
safer you feel the more you can get out of it.
No service, or information provided here is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent
any disease or medical condition. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care
professional concerning any health or medical issues.
Payment information
(After you’ve had your free map dowsing, or intuitive reading)
(I’d prefer Paypal if you are leaving a deposit for a reading)
(Space Clearing Deposit) $130
(Personal Clearing Deposit) $30 / person
(Quick Clearing Deposit) $45
Personal Checks.
Mailing Address provided on request.
I can try and work with you if you on installment payments if you need to spread the cost
over paychecks. Let me know your situation.
Realtors: I may be able to help your seller clients when a property is getting no interest. It
may be that the property needs clearing. Or sometimes the sellers could use my help truly
letting go of their home, so potential buyers can “feel” invited, rather than confused by
conflicting signals from owners not really able to let go.
I can also help your new “Home Owner” clients, clean the slate of predecessor energies,
so they “Feel” like the place is theirs to create the life they want there, it may even save
them thousands of dollars on remodels trying to change an uncomfortable vibe.
"My experience of Craig's clearing abilities was profound and truly amazing.
I knew he was going to be clearing our home and us over the next few days,
but had no idea of exactly what time this would occur. So I wondered what
on earth was going on one night as we were sitting watching TV and I
became aware that I felt really happy and optimistic all of a sudden... a
feeling I hadn't experienced for a long time. I headed off to bed and was
cleaning my teeth when I glanced into the mirror and got a complete shock.
My eyes were shining and alive, I was radiating with light and looked so
different even my husband noticed and commented! Then I looked at him
and saw he seemed lighter somehow too. All was revealed the next morning
on checking my e-mail when I read that Craig had indeed been clearing at
exactly the same time we had been watching TV. Truly amazing!"
L.H, Golden, BC. Canada
"Craig had come to my house to do some space clearing and I was amazed at
once by his subtle perceptive ability and very accurate intuitions. He seemed
to be "reading" the space of my home and all the people and energies that
had been there, then and before. His sensitivities are astounding. My space
has felt much more balanced, and the energy lighter and freer, since his
being here. He works with unseen energies, but the effects of his work are
surprisingly tangible and beneficial. He seems to have honed and developed
a skill that most of us have little experience with, and the insights and
intuitions he shares are always valuable. I would highly recommend his
professional skill, his personal style, and his warm nature to anyone seeking
more balance, understanding and clarity in their lives."
H.G.M, Mountlake Terrace, WA. USA
"Craig was a huge support to me when dealing with the stress of moving to
my new home in Florida. With his intuitive skills he transformed my space
enabling me to feel relaxed and more positive. His compassion and
dedication (or devotion) to his work allowed me to feel so at ease with him. I
recommend him to anyone needing a more positive environment or outlook
on life."
MRV, Juno beach, FL. USA
"I was amazed and perplexed when Craig recently came and spent a day
with me at a craft show. The net reality of what was conjured that day was
amazing. I experienced positive encounter after positive encounter along
with more sales than I have ever had in one day! It was really like a miracle.
I joked with him at one point during the day and said," "you're doing this
aren't you?" Craig is a gifted loving soul, I hope his good wishes for the
Universe will shine back on him."
D.P., Brinnon, WA. USA
"I contacted Craig to perform an energetic house clearing because I was
experiencing an unsettling sensation in the southern portion of the interior
and exterior of my home." Craig energetically scanned the environment and
the inhabitants of my home." His ability to tune in and assess the situation
was accurate as well as validating on my behalf."Craig's clearing or should I
say removal of old, stagnant, and disturbing energies from my home were
immediately felt and can be characterized by the dissolving of the heaviness
in the air. My home and property remain clear to this day." May he bring
peace and understanding in to your lives."
S.J.S, Lakewood, CO. USA
"Craig makes you feel comfortable and confident when you are in his
presence. He is warm hearted, very intuitive and in touch with his feelings.
He is confident about what he does and good at it!!"
L.B., Velbert, Germany
"Craig's calm presence and light touch create safety, and bring ease and
clarity to the energies explored."
B.B.,!Seattle, WA. USA
"I have a beautiful gazebo in my backyard -- and yet I would look out my
back-door at it, and rarely walk across the lawn to sit in it. I asked Craig to
check out the route from the back-door to the gazebo. He found LOTS of
reasons why I couldn't "pass the threshold," so to speak. After clearing them
-- particularly the negative energy right at the doorway -- it has been a
pleasure to walk outside again. Craig is very intuitive, serious about his
work -- but also loves to laugh!"
B.I., Seattle, WA. USA
"Combining his natural affinity and absolute dedication to this life journey,
Craig is exceptional as both a practitioner and teacher of environmental and
personal energetic balancing / clearing." He is wonderfully effective but very
easy, comfortable and delightful to engage."Craig's open heart, together with
his abilities, imparts a gentle confidence." I am grateful for all I have gained
on a deep personal level working with Craig and know that you will be,
T.H., Laguna Beach, CA. USA
"Craig has dedicated himself to his work and he puts his whole soul into the
clearing, which has given me new insight into my life, letting me relax, take
myself less seriously, and find simple joys again."
J.D., Olympia, WA. USA
"Craig's clearing and supportive love was a perfect aid in helping me let go of my
best feline friend of 15 years. He was not only gentle in his ways of helping move
the energy but was very descriptive on the things that he tuned into, which aided
me in clearing my own grief. He is truly a gift."
T.G, Seattle, WA. USA
"I have found Craig's work to be gentle yet powerful, and his approach with me
has always been with a big heart and a big smile. He helped me confirm some
deep issues about myself that I had encased in concrete and sunk to the bottom of
my consciousness years ago. Once these issues came to light, Craig worked with
me by creating a safe and compassionate environment where I could release
S.R, Gladstone, NJ. USA
"Craig took the time to write and let me know what he sensed. When a person is
extremely ill and going through a treatment that is hard on the body it is
comforting to know that someone knows and cares. With the space clearing I
noticed an immediate change of the atmosphere in the room, and I became quite
light getting the sense I belonged in the room, whereas before the clearing, the air
felt quite heavy and I didn't want to be in the room. With a personal clearing I
became light headed, (a very nice feeling), with lots of love felt. My headache
disappeared, and tension in my body lessened or went away. I had a general sense
that I belonged and was a part of the world. Good stuff! After a toxic clearing there
was a very noticeable difference. I had clearer thinking, was feeling grounded and
happy, and noticed improved memory. The pains in my muscles and bones seemed
to disappear, and I slept better".
G.F., Calgary, Canada
"Craig has assisted me in moving through a variety of challenges on more
than one occasion." His gifts are extremely refined." Craig has a unique
ability to hold the space in a loving, safe and compassionate manner, thus
supporting positive change." It is who he is rather than what he does."
M.B., Bellevue, WA. USA
"The house feels different, much clearer and not so heavy. It was as if it had
been energetically spring cleaned, and we had been given a clean canvas to
do what we wanted with. We were delighted and very impressed, especially
as I had actually felt the changes within myself as they were cleared. These
amazing shifts continued as Craig gave me weekly clearings"over the
following two months. Craig also helped calm me through clearing me when
I had an emergency with my dog and was feeling overwhelmed by fear. He
cleared away the fear, which enabled me to be with my dog and send him
love, it made such a difference to both me, and my dog, and was so
reassuring to know someone was supporting and helping from a distance.
Craig's wisdom and compassionate heart shines through his work and I
wholeheartedly praise his ability to heal on a deep and profound level. I am
truly very grateful for all he did for us."
L.H., Golden, BC, Canada
Craig's abilities as a teacher are profound. He is able to ascertain precisely
what is befuddling dowsing students and to provide simple yet effective
guidance to help facilitate their learning. I wasn't sure how to go about the
dowsing of earth energies because I wasn't asking the right questions. Craig
patiently listened to my frustration, watched me dowse, and gave me exactly
the correct feedback I needed in order to be successful in my dowsing. I am
very glad to have had Craig available to help me during this learning time in
my life.
AWS, Coral Springs, Florida
“Over a 2-3 month period I had been awakened by a very rapid heart beat
that would take 10 minutes to bring back down to normal. "There were no
anxious feelings associated with night terrors it was mainly physiological. I
have a high fitness level so my doctor had a cardiogram done which was
passed with flying colors. There seemed to be no explanation, I was not
under any undo stress my life was good. "During a clearing session with
Craig I happened to mention the occurrences, which he tuned into, and
discover ghost energy and promptly cleared it. "That was it!" I never
experienced the problem again. It was truly amazing and reaffirmed to me
the power of clearing and Craig’s gift.”
TLC Gladstone, NJ
**This One is a brief synopsis of “my own accounting of” the first
Distance Reading I did, for some good friends from back in my college
days. In November of 2003
After contacting my old friends back east, I got their street address in
Saugerties NY. I noticed mostly disturbed emotional energies and negative
thoughts, especially anger that had been left behind from previous occupants
/ owners. A few energies presented as ghosts, and there were many areas of
repressed anger on the property.
I fixated on an angry guy “I was seeing” with a long gun outside, in and old
very old style cap?? He was Shooting…
I sent my friends an email report of all I noticed, and I asked if this house
was a “farm house?” As I felt a bunch of what seemed like Animal deaths?!
I told them I felt it mostly concentrated behind the house downhill, and to
the left side?
I told them if they had been experiencing any recurring anger, there's a good
chance it was mostly someone else’s.
Here were her (2) replies:
“Well, it seems that you are certainly on to something... This house
was originally a chicken coop, and I would imagine that chickens were
Indeed slaughtered here! Also, the landlord (who was the guy who
transformed the coop to a house) is an angry guy. There has been some
recurring anger going on here and we have been in marriage counseling for
quite a while.”
(2 days later)
“I got some more info about our house today... Turns out that it wasn't
actually a chicken coop but rather (A Pheasant Shooting Place!) A hermit
lived here and people would come with pheasants and toss them out the
windows downstairs and they would shoot them in the field behind the